TOUCH DRIVEGuide To Premium Experience

"TOUCH DRIVE" is an owners’ magazine for KOKUSAI GROUP customers, published twice a year.
The aim of this magazine is for customers to drive their cars more often, and to encounter people, culture, beautiful scenery, and other moving experiences.
We have started addressing environmental issues surrounding automobiles so that our customers can truly enjoy their journeys. Through this magazine, we will continue to drive these thoughts, to create an exciting future with the cars that we offer.


Offering genuine experiences

Car / Lifestyle / Fashion /Interior /Sports / Finance ...
TOUCH DRIVE is a quality lifestyle magazine for our premium car owners living in Tokyo. Each issue is composed based on feedback from readers, and events are curated especially for our owners.


Exclusive experiences for our owners

Our mission to provide genuine experiences for our owners. We have done so by curating special events for our owners, and also through special collaboration events with various luxury brands, including watch and fashion.